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There is a little write up about the Servants of the Almighty Dragons in the Sartar Companion. p.16  Were these possibly the Orlanthi Draconic Mystics for Argrath?

Full members can learn Auld Wyrmish, the language of dragons. Are there current 1600-1630 Gloranthians that speak Auld Wyrmish?

Ormelius Dragonchide only spoke Auld Wyrmish at 20%...

The Servants of the Almighty Dragon are aware of Forang Forash and view him with a combination of reverence and fear. The few members who know of Laughing Singer hold him in awe. Then the Laughing Singer told Forang Farosh the meaning of the marks on his body that no one else could see. What are these?

We also have the Red Dragon Servant in Karse and to a lessor degree other locations, a large monastery in Karse, Heortland; Smaller temple in Tarsh and shrine outside Furthest, many far overseas. Devotional martial arts and part of the Draconic orders.

Possibly the Scholar Wyrm, Windwhistler, Eyes-Shut and Forang Forash are all interested in seeing the EWF be rejuvenated?

Any thoughts on both the Red Dragon School in Ormsgone Valley and the Long Mountain Dragon School?

Are there other sources for groups of secret or hidden dragon friends in Sartar or the Holy Country.  The Dragon of Jarn, Two Face, Tink, Dragon's Eye, Yerezum Storn are a few detailed encounters, are there others that are obvious to add to this list?

What Empire of the Wyrms Friends location or ruins are active in Rune Quest beyond what is mentioned above?



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2 hours ago, Erol of Backford said:

 Where is the White Dragon?

In the Dragon's Eye, of course! 😉 

Note: I think that's the only place that a White Dragon was ever referenced - maybe the authors weren't happy with the Elemental Dragons? (The Blue Dragon exists, too, but she stretches out across Peloria.  And the Gold/Sun Dragon is either Godunya or the Sun Dragon cult.) But why I say the Dragon's Eye is that the Inhuman King is also a dragon, lives at the center of Dragon Pass, and is forgotten by all the dragon hunters (invisible in plain sight - very fitting for White).

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9 hours ago, jajagappa said:

The Blue Dragon exists, too, but she stretches out across Peloria

Seems like should be near Sartar, just sayin. White and Gold make sense but maybe Windwhistler is actually a dream dragon of sorts?


2 hours ago, Joerg said:

There is Ormfang, an ice-covered draconic peak in the Rockwoods south of Balazar which may be a True Dragon Lair.

Yellow or orange... or start with silver, copper... Likely there is a cave up there with a dream dragon in it waiting to be discovered?

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1 hour ago, Erol of Backford said:

Seems like should be near Sartar

Not Sartar, but Dragon Pass. She's on the other side of the Dragonspine (sometimes called Jaldon's Wrong River there, but still it's the headwaters of the Oslir).

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