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  1. In my Glorantha, Ralzakark is a Mask of Nysalor and Gbjaji, but he concentrates on the Nysalor Aspect. He is effectively trapped in Dorastor, bound to it by Arkat's Curse. Sure, he can leave for a short time, but needs to return. in Dorastor, he has reestablished the Bright Empire, it just looks a bit different to what people imagine it was. He knows what it was really like, after all, he was there. Several reasons: Arkat's Curse is still in existence, trapping all the Chaos in Dorastor The Rulers of Dorastor constantly fight each other, so Ralzakark doesn't have
  2. That's how I would do it, but it has been clarified as the other way.
  3. That would be an awesome thing to see. Do it good sir!!! It has already been done. I am sure I have a PDF somewhere on my Hard Drive.
  4. Pavis & Big Rubble is excellent for Swords & Sorcery. If you can get hold of them, there is a series of P&BR Companions which have Swords & Sorcery shot all through them. However, they are quite difficult to track down.
  5. My take on the hero Soul is that it is the portion of a person's soul that is part of the God Plane. So, it is the divine portion of the soul. In many ways, it is like a Fetch, in that it is built up over time by the spending of POW.
  6. Yes, but what does that mean? Is the Assistant shaman taken on a Spirit Journey and shown what to do? Does the shaman sit the Assistant down and carefully explain what would happen when Discoporate?
  7. Yes, but so are Pavis & Big Rubble, Borderlands and griffin mountain and you can but those as PDFs in the Gloranthan Classics range or as PDFs in the RQ Classic Range. The RQ3 Dorastor book has a campaign of a few interlinked adventures. secrets of Dorastor, for the Jonstown Compendium, does not have a campaign but has lots of campaign ideas. However, I would definitely not recommend that as a starting campaign. RQ3 had some excellent Praxian Campaigns. Sun County, River of Cradles, shadows on the Borderlands and Strangers in Prax are good campaign packs, if you can get hold of t
  8. Sometimes, player handout maps are deliberately incorrect. Personally, I have nothing against that.
  9. In RQ2 we used a sliding scale: Initiates get the one thing they ask for Rune Levels can get two things, but can ask for more If someone asks for more, they get the first extra thing if they roll POWx5, the second if they roll POWx4 and so on, if any request is refused, anything left over is also refused Multiple Resurrections counts as one request per Resurrection Bugging the whole party out was one request, as it would be unfair, but amusing, for one PC to be left behind Casting spells known by the person who appealed for Divine Intervention So,
  10. In theory, you can use Discorporation to enter the Spirit World. Assistant Shamans have the advantage that they also learn the Spirit Travel skill, so can move around the Spirit Plane better than most. Also, how do Assistant Shamans increase their Spirit Travel skill without having the means to Discorporate?
  11. That's why you have orderlies or matrons. Every Healer needs a Hattie Jacques assistant.
  12. While I know you're being sarcastic, I think there's actually an interesting way to develop this idea. My take is that the left hand did not know what the right hand was doing. Nysalor did not know that healers were causing and then healing the plague, that came from Gbaji. The first Nysalor knew about it was when the healers were killed by a jumped-up chap who had started a crusade against them. Of course, it didn't help when both Nysalor and Gbaji share one physical body. That just blurs any nice clean lines.
  13. RQG is not BRP, although it has the same roots. BRP is a mix of Stormbringer and Call of Cthulhu, with a bit of RQ3 thrown in, whereas RQG is a mix of RQ2 and RQ3 with extended and amended rules. Antiparry is a big deal, if you have a skill more than 100% and your opponent doesn't the fight tends not to last very long. That is why Fanaticism and Berserker were so useful in RQ2 and in RQG. It is possible to have a slugfest, where two well-armoured and equally matched opponents spend 20 rounds in a combat. It can be sped up, if everyone knows what they are doing. But people who spend m
  14. Exactly. Ignoring a Lightbringers summons is something you do at your peril. From memory, you could send someone to answer in your place and I would expect there to be professional Lightbringers out there who will stand in your place for a price. If Ralzakark proved himself to be a good Lightbringer, then he could legitimately use the Lightbringer summons. However, proving it might be tricky. From the Cults Compendium: It says nothing about weaselling out of the deal, except that those who fail to answer lose the faith of their god. In Secrets of Dorastor, if
  15. The Sun County Militia Squads perform a similar function to Police, as do the watches in Pavis.
  16. Effectively yes. The remains of long-dead Aldryami from the Gods War.
  17. There are not many priestesses of Dorasta, so it is an elite. In modern Glorantha it may well be an elite thing, but has not always been. There are accounts of Nysaloran mobs running around and making demands, these were thousands of illuminated peasants. In my Dorastor, several of the rulers were around when Nysalor was alive, so they are highly Illuminated and teach their followers.
  18. For what it is worth, I have always seen Cragspider's castle as being a Mongolian-style Pagoda-Fortress, nestled between the two peaks of Firewitch Mountain. Vast webs go from peak to peak and in between, covering the whole area and hosting hundreds of giant and lesser spiders. Cragspider's castle itself forms part of Firewitch Mountain and has its roots in Hell and its peak in the Sky. https://lh3.ggpht.com/9VBqd11NJwmz5bLLXHFlkSjRAZhEy_3v1pgrw2zPwkYgED5hs84P1cz4pBRa
  19. One of the most memorable duels I can remember in any of my RQ2/3 games was when the party had been sent in to reconnoitre a group of Vampires, led by a very powerful Mistress Race Troll Vampire. One Player missed the first session, so his PC joined in part way through and he was not aware of the Mistress Race Troll Vampire. They found a lead coffin and he slid the lid open, only to see Uzarl, a Mistress Race troll Vampire. As Derak the Dark Troll was a good troll, this appalled him, so he cast his Sever Spirit at her at exactly the same time that she used her Basilisk Glance at him. They
  20. This is Dorastor, you know! Hur, hur, hur! I didn't include them in Secrets of Dorastor, as i didn't want loads of grognards complaining that "Humakti can't become undead", but some of the Broos of the Undead Legion become Vampires and take advantage that Vivamort helped Humakt steal the power of Death from Hell and so, Humakt and Vivamort are friendly. The Undying Death is a very small, elite group of Humakti Broo Vampires. Of course. The Vampire Priestesses of Dorasta do not steal life, the Initiates and lay Members give their life freely to serve the Priestesses.
  21. Here is the rationale: Neverdead has vast fields and zombie farmers working them. The Cult of Dorastor has a monopoly on grain in Dorastor, so must be collecting the grain. There is a Necropolis in Neverdead and I had a Granary, both are earth-based, so you need an Earth Cult to control them. Dorasta is a ready-made earth goddess who suits the area When an Earth priestess gets old and is about to die, she can pass to the Halls of Asrelia or can become a vampire and continue serving the cult of Dorasta
  22. We are all us! There are more than 50 titles in the Jonstown Compendium listing. I do not think that Chaosium has brought out 50 supplements for RQ2/3/G, although I am probably wrong.
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