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  1. So anyway FWIW S:KoH lists the FHQ with Earth (p. 256) and SC lists her with Earth, Mastery, and... wait for it... Horse (p. 217).
  2. "What are (some mortal)'s runes" is more of a HQ question than a setting question. I don't think the GtG gives any three-rune stat blocks for mortals. S:KoH or SC might have one for her.
  3. IMG they have coins with a cow's head on one side and a cow's rear on the other.
  4. I agree the main reason Pent is more fertile is just that it was outside the Genert blast radius. It's not a place where Chaos won. It's not, because it's not. I mean, supposedly Kajabor was running around Fronela or somewhere, but that didn't turn into a wasteland either. Maybe some of the land north of Fronela or under the White Sea did. Glaciers might have protected some of Pent. And there are hints about the ignorance sun god protecting it. There's the glory of the Black Sun, and references to blood rain in eastern myths, and in the dark age map in Book of Heortling Mythology, there's a "Bloodrain" symbol in Pent with a blurb about sacrificing to demons. So you can imagine blood rain provided fertility and propitiated the chaos armies, ushering them south, while the black sun aspect showed them the hand when they turned east. Then Kargzant took over in the silver age. And elf forests, too. Ernalda, personally I'm not really compelled to put her in Pent. For one thing Book of Heortling Mythology shows Genert's Garden extending way north, for what that's worth. Also the GtG characterizes Pent Storm worship as a post-night of horrors thing rather than a prehistoric one, blood rain and sun storm excepted. If I wanted land goddesses in Pent I think I'd make up new ones.
  5. Tell me your name, what do you do? What do you want me to not ever do for you?
  6. One has to admit that Khan of Khans is the definitive visual reference at this point, though.
  7. I'm just waiting for them to revise it again, so they can call it... RuneQuest 2. Cyclical time.
  8. That would be like saying "the APP attribute is not recommended" rather than "the APP attribute is not used" when APP is not on the character sheet and not in the rules.
  9. Chaosium's Designing the New RuneQuest blog articles, in one convenient list. 2016-02-08 . Part 1 . goals . character sheet 2016-02-10 . Part 2 . combat . 90/10 rule . RQ3 . source material 2016-02-13 . Part 3 . RQ6 2016-02-28 . Part 4 . rune magic 2016-04-27 . Part 5 . deadly combat 2016-04-30 . Part 6 . changes from RQ2 2016-05-24 . Part 7 . character start with background and personality 2016-06-12 . Part 8 . family history 2016-06-17 . Part 9 . just plain RuneQuest . setting scope 2016-06-25 . Part 10 . core rule book . Glorantha Bestiary . Gamemaster Book 2016-08-23 . Part 11 . sorcery 2017-01-09 . Part 12 . progress report . Quick Start . bestiary concept art . Dragon Pass Campaign Book 2017-04-05 . Part 13 . progress report . schedule . book list update 2017-04-06 . news . RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha (RQG) 2017-04-07 . Part 14 . runes 2017-04-11 . Part 15 . design team . design vision 2017-04-17 . Part 16 . reusable rune magic 2017-06-24 . Part 17 . changes from Free RPG Day playtest 2017-08-13 . Part 18 . preview edition 2017-08-13 . Part 19 . art sample 2017-11-25 . Part 20 . progress report 2018-02-09 . Part 21 . progress report . character sheet 2018-03-21 . Part 22 . logo 2018-03-22 . Part 23 . final progress report
  10. I was trying to answer questions raised by the first two posts by providing the information that Chaosium is going to call the new one just plain RuneQuest without making an edition number part of the name. That's not pedantic in that context. I didn't say it clearly, though. This is the blog post I mentioned. They've also said it will say 4th edition on the inside, for example in a comment in this g+ post. I think the best online RQ history used to be this article, but it's not current. I've seen several forum posts that summarize the history up to the present; here's one of them.
  11. @OP numbering your list was not the clearest way to express yourself. %) The new one is RuneQuest. There's a blog post about that that I'm not going to search for. There are good RuneQuest history articles out there that I'm also not going to search for. This subject wouldn't make a bad sticky for this forum.
  12. Mostly flatulence. It's good for leaving behind a signature after a raid and a few great heroes have harnessed it for flight.
  13. I think if you heroquest to the underworld there will be a pull on you to be moribund and undead-like while you're down there and maybe if you come back too. There are probably also implications for how magic works with you and how your death mantle interacts with your other runes. For heroquesters it's a poetic distinction and YGWV as to what its effects are.
  14. I'll take a round or two in the mud pit. "Among the dead" does not mean "dead". Being in a Place of Death does not mean you are dead, any more that visiting a cemetery means you are dead. "Mythology's language is metaphor. I don't mean simile - metaphor. God is my heart." - https://youtu.be/_hKrVRTOYpY?t=9m39s Death is and remains the point at which your body and your spirit are separated because one or the other has been severely damaged. Going to the underworld the way Grandfather Mortal did is the usual way to go there, but even if you descend the pool or something you're still doing what he did, and are still him. Baby Giants I say baby giants die when they go to the underworld, but so what? First of all, they're true giants. Second, they went down the right way for true giants, and they have their full body and cradle when they arrive. why would giants be upset if humans killed their babies and robbed their cradles if they were sending their babies to die in the underworld anyhow? Because then the baby would get there the wrong way, and without their full body, and without their cradle. internal contradiction of Humakti Hero Questers Humakt coming back from the underworld is morally and mechanically different from a resurrection spell. He descended for a purpose and knew what he was doing when he went there and when he returned. Maybe he paid a price. That's different from a mortal not honoring death when it comes for you. And I think resurrection spells specifically go get a spirit while it's on the path of the dead or waiting in the hall of the dead. That wouldn't work on a heroquester anyway. The thing that draws me back to Glorantha is the internal consistency of its myths There are contradictions there, though, especially about things like the mysteries of life and death. people being compulsorily dead It's compulsory for heroquesters in the sense that it's hard to get back. It's not compulsory in the sense of losing as much strength and agency as the involuntary dead lose. The involuntary dead aren't all the same anyway. Those with better funeral rites are stronger. game mechanics. There are different games set in Glorantha and they don't all say the same thing about the setting. plausible - believable - be consistent - suspension of disbelief Verisimilitude in fantasy settings is very subjective. consistentcy of context that any audience needs People are diverse. Not everyone is going to agree about stuff like whether such-and-such constitutes an extreme contradiction. The Lightbringers don't die in the underworld any more than a Baby Giant does They do have strength and agency down there, as do baby giants if they descend properly. there needs to be an unbroken link and association to the Living World The lightbringers had support from the living. Does Dayzatar who is so very pure look at a mortal hero from the middle realm and think of them as being "part of the sky", no, he thinks "I wonder who this mud footed interloper is. I hope someone else respects my purity enough to deal with this dirty Earthbound creature". He does both. The sky and the underworld are different anyway, though. The underworld is more of a mixture.
  15. Yeah, clockwise. Like the sky dome and Orlanth storm.
  16. Or a strange woman lying in a pond distributing them. It's hard for me not to imagine Storm Bull in flying cow form even though there was some art that showed him as a minotaur. I wonder if they sometimes imagine him as a flying llama. Or as a man... but with the head of a herd man.
  17. "The clear separation of body and spirit/soul only happened as a result of the compromise." At least compared to the Great Darkness, which was like a zombie apocalypse among other things. "The realms of life and death could not be told apart and we find demons and the dead moving through the same realm as those who are struggling to stay alive. This means, by the way, that the dead were also struggling to stay dead and, in a perverse sort of compoeteness, the devourers were trying to be eaten, the conquerers were trying to defeat themselves, and the good were trying to be bad enough to survive." http://www.glorantha.com/docs/devil/
  18. By Adventures in Glorantha, are you referring to the second of the two aborted products that were going to be named RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha?
  19. So pumped for this. Outstanding way to lure people into becoming Glorantha nerds.
  20. Personally - I'm not really motivated to hang out in Discord, but as it happens I do use IRC for other things, so if someone ran a Glorantha IRC channel I might hang out in that.
  21. It's a live text and voice chat server, not a place where you post or look in. No, it probably won't catch on, but it doesn't overlap with anything that's already established.
  22. Moon design has a precise definition of its canon, here: http://www.glorantha.com/docs/canon/ . YGWV.
  23. make offerings and sing songs to Mr. Berry Bush and Old Man Acorn Grove sacrifice when needed to Sister Water, The Guy in the Pool wave their spell sticks over the butter pot to make that special cheese pay the gal with the Healing Charms to get rid of the flux eat the "color shrooms" when they need to find their cattle go without food and water for three days when they want to find the pigs lost in the woods chant over the birds found dead in the woods bake special bread and leave it out for the things that used to come out of the woods lay aside a portion of the ale for the ghosts of those who died near their creek toss salt over their shoulder for good luck cross their fingers and knock on wood offer their own blood when the baby is sick http://glorantha.temppeli.org/digest/heroquest-rules/2005.02/20736.html
  24. There was an adventure game concept that got part way through licensing / pre-development 5 or 10 years ago. Not much was announced about it. Games are expensive. Shout out to Age of Glorantha http://aow2.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=781 for wargaming in Dragon Pass.
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