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  1. They're probably referring to these lines from p. 39 of the Sourcebook, which I wouldn't mind some explication on myself: "Among the Kitori, a little bright light was snuffed out, and a demon that had many sharp mouths was let out of its skin. It sought vengeance, and fell upon the army of King Broyan while they slept. The king could not keep it away, because he had betrayed the City of Wonders, and the Great King was killed there, with his army." I took this to mean that someone (probably Lunar agents) snuffed out a warding light keeping a Darkness-based spirit of vengeance
  2. You'd need quite the heroquest to retrieve him after the ending of Beneath the...
  3. in-game, my Argan Argar troll usually communicates peaceful intent by making the Harmony rune with three fingers
  4. Oh, yes, one of my players is a duck assistant shaman (SIZ 3) studying with Argrath, the first scene with the whole group together was his audience chamber. I've assumed he set up shop in the old Count's Palace in Oldtown after evicting the Lunars who'd been using it as their headquarters.
  5. So, I just finished running my first session of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha from the GM's side. The game began in New Pavis, first day of Sea Season 1626. I'm basing the game primarily off materials in the classic Pavis & Big Rubble and the more recent Pavis: Gateway to Adventure, with a last helping from the Jonstown Compendium work Rubble Runners, from which Kars the Prophet and his entourage have already appeared. A challenge I've anticipated in using Pavis as a setting for RQ:G is probably obvious to those familiar with the books I'm using: the old Pavis materials only e
  6. Serves them right for thinking of it in terms of the Lightbringers quest, not Lifebringers. Shame on Harmast for forgetting it was no human who gathered the Unity Army to vanquish Wakboth's horde. Shame on his companions for forgetting the debt all humans owe to Ezkankekko and the Darkness people, less than five hundred years since the Dawn.
  7. Argrath has his own setbacks. The Red Emperor takes Boldhome back in the 1640s, according to the TakenEgi Stele. Argrath and his companions spend a stretch hiding in Broyan's otherworld hall. I think he and Harrek have already had their duel by then, after Gunda died in the sack of Boldhome. His fortunes take a few wild swings before he embarks on the quest to free Sheng.
  8. Thank you for all of this. Phew, those stats. Granted, I have no RQ3 experience, so I don't know how exactly those write-ups would translate to RQG, but still. Follow-up question: what are the caste restrictions of the Browns and Reds?
  9. The right move after that was probably for Leika (or a PC) to re-light the Sartar brazier, not Argrath, yeah.
  10. Argrath becoming the King of Dragon Pass is a colossal miscalculation and intimately linked with why his war against the Moon spirals so horribly out of control. To fulfill his correct role in the Hero Wars, Argrath needed to embrace more fully his position as the White Bull, preparatory to embodying Storm Bull, not Orlanth. A healthy transition to 4th Age requires that Orlanth and Yelm make peace in Hell, while Storm Bull and the Unity Hero defeat embodied Chaos in the Middle World. Argrath was supposed to be Storm Bull while Broyan was supposed to be Orlanth, but him dying to that darknes
  11. Well I think we can all agree on this one.
  12. The group I play in gathered a good old-fashioned Unity Army to purge and resettle the Smoking Ruins. Here are the answers to those points from that campaign: 1) We had an Ernalda noble in the party, and an apparition of Ernalda welcomed her into mastery of the temple personally. Its guardians were two Snake Daughters, and its temple defenses were treated as being dormant until our Ernaldan took the mantle of high priestess. 2) His spirit was still there in our game. His tomb held grave goods, but since we hoped to integrate him into the new community we left those untouched. We'
  13. There's an Ernaldan in the game I play in. She's not a front-line fighter in any real way, though she's got the magic to be pretty durable, and she's very important in our fights as a support caster and healer. The Charisma rune spell is her most tactically effective magic though, it pushes her already formidable social skills through the roof and makes her a very effective spirit combatant. That spell's been a component to most of the group's important diplomatic successes and heroquests.
  14. To be fair, I seem to recall she died while, ahem, sacking Boldhome with Harrek and the boys.
  15. Theory: Argrath's role in destroying the world in the Hero Wars comes about when he turns away from fighting "a new Battle of Doom"--or rather, because mythically he shouldn't be fighting it, but needs someone to. By embodying Orlanth (with draconic elements) he did effectively set himself up to orchestrate a new Great Compromise, but Orlanth wasn't there for, and didn't lead, the Unity Battle. It was Ezkankekko who gathered up the last survivors of the living world into the Unity Army that vanquished the Devil's Chaos horde and sent him fleeing to Prax, to face Storm Bull and the descending
  16. I'm going to be GMing a new game soon, and I'd like to feature a Red Vadeli as an NPC involved in an adventure around Corflu. I have the Guide and Revealed Mythologies to inform myself of Vadeli myth and lore. Are there any other obvious sources on their myths, culture etc. I could avail myself of? And especially, are there any good sources for mechanical portrayals of the Vadeli, of any caste, in previous editions of RuneQuest? I'd also be happy to hear about anyone else's experiencing running or playing games that involved interaction with the Vadeli, and any general pointers on
  17. As you rightly guess, the first thing to interest trolls in a bargain will always be food. The Rockwoods trolls have old affiliations with the Shadow Plateau and Argan Argar though, whoever's negotiating for them would only only offer to buy children if there were obvious slaves around, and even then maybe not depending on their relationships with neighboring humans--getting a reputation as child-eaters is the sort of thing that gets Orlanthi looking for troll-fighting specialists like the Night Leapers. They'll want interesting or magical food first and foremost, followed by useful tool
  18. Mythically, to effect this reconciliation, wouldn't Orlanth need to assume Yelm's role in their own myths? Be slain, meet Sedenya in the Underworld, and forgive her in exchange for concessions? Might this have been a goal of certain Lunar or other mystics in the Wind-stop, intended to facilitate Sedenya's evolution through an Underworld confrontation of the living goddess and the defeated god, that was disrupted by Broyan and the Eleven Lights?
  19. In particularly bad stretches of the Greater Darkness the people of Nochet were saved by armies of unintelligent geese, the sacred animal of the elder Earth goddess Imarja though anyone who's dealt with geese must concur that a whole army of them would be frightful, intelligent or no
  20. As Jeorg goes into, the first human to take Ezkankekko up on the full measure of his offer to teach the secrets of Darkness was Varzor Kitor. 'Kitori' didn't always mean the distinct Heortling tribe that exists in northern Esrolia in the 1600s, back in the Silver Age and early Dawn it seems to have been used as a term for all the subjects of the Kingdom of Night, but the modern Kitori tribe considers Varzor their founding ancestor. As for Kimantor, 10K seems to make the identification of Kimantor and Ezkankekko. The Esrolian Military article, p. 8, which is written as a reader's-eye
  21. In the campaign I play in Kallyr died as normal, but Leika went on to complete the quests to make her Prince of Sartar the next year. Argrath showed up to Boldhome and, since he couldn't relight the Sartar brazier himself, set to wooing the new prince. I'm not sure whether they plan to marry before or after the Alda-Chur campaign.
  22. I maintain my argument from my own thread several months ago that Argan Argar is the product of a discrete liaison between Yelm and Xentha, and that his ultimate confrontation with Lodril was a 'Sword in the Stone' moment when he proved his right to kingship to his uncle.
  23. There is an existing Esrolian term for a 'kingly' husband-protector: Kimantor, or Lord Kimantor. It was Ezkankekko's first name among Esrolian humans and is supposed to mean "the man you cannot see," it became the title of the chief priest in each Esrolian city to the Kimantor, Ezkankekko himself. The Kimantor of Nochet was Ezkankekko's designated field commander for the Kimantorings, the professional army of the Kingdom of Night that originated from E's household guard in the Greater Darkness. The Kimantorings weren't disestablished by Belintar, just relegated to an entirely defensive forc
  24. When the Liquify Metal sorcery bound into the teeth is active it's plenty efficacious. and better at wounding than killing, which ensures fresh bribes for the Malasp and shark spirits at battle's end.
  25. The old Dara Happan conflation of Darkness with Chaos really leaves them with serious gaps in their defenses against the real stuff.
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