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The Rainbow Mounds


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9 hours ago, David Scott said:

That looks very tight! You've really brought the 60º lean to life. Could you render the walls as smooth as glass (per description) ?

thank you.

i'm trying to think of the best way to do that, either by making the texture shiny like glass or by flattering the texture so it's only the pattern then making it shiny.

i'm thinking the rock has been cut with something hot so the second option is probably the better way to do it.

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9 hours ago, Psullie said:

Blender is a truly awesome bit of open source software, I used it a lot when I was working on 3D vitalisations of Skara Brae and Abu Simbel. The latter by the way had geometry and textures pulled from stereoscopic photos of the temple taken before it was moved.

You are capturing the claustrophobic vibe of cave systems very well!

thank you.

that sounds amazing, was it for work or pleasure?

i've been putting off using blender because i wanted to concentrate on learning unreal engine and didn't want to confuse myself with the different controls, but now i'll probably do more in it.

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It was for work. I used to work in the heritage sector creating 3D models of sites and artefacts. It was great fun working with terabytes of LiDAR data one week and photogrammetry the next modelling all sorts from locomotives to Egyptian shabi.

If you want use Unreal take some time learning how to optimise your models in Blender before importing them, you'll get better frame rates. These days I just use Blender to quickly mockup my buildings/interiors for games as it helps with the visualisation 

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On 10/6/2021 at 8:12 PM, Runeblogger said:

Wow. Show us some of those mockups, please! 😮

They are not what you may think, these are mostly just geometry (no textures) just so I can get a 'feel' for the space. This is a recent one for example of a Lunar temple with reflecting pool (ignore the power pylon in the background 😁 the image background is purely for lighting).




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Lovely -- though I'd think the castle should be mirror-reflected. If being assaulted by organized troops (think Roman Legion), all with shields on left arm, the position of that trapezoidal tower would have defending archers shooting at the attackers shields. A mirror-reflection would have the tower positioned on the sword arm side of the attackers.

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  • 2 months later...

I've filmed another section of Rainbow mounds, here is the link.


The caves are now complete, but I still need to paint some of the caves. As areas are painted, I'll upload more videos.

I've changed how I'm filming them, instead of using Unreal engine's own recorder which is very fiddly to do in the caves, I'm now using game recording software to record as I walk through, it's a lot quicker and easier.

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4 minutes ago, AndreJarosch said:

Watching the video i am awaiting the jumpscare of a Trollkin or Rock Lizard appearing around the corner any second. 

at the moment the caves are empty, apart from water and mushrooms. i can probably find a lizard model with animation, but i think i'll have to make my own trollkin, which won't be for some time.

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