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Gloranthan Slang.

Darius West

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Ever since I first read the RQ2 Language proficiency expression"That junk isn't worth the clacks it would take to sink it", I have always been interested in the developed slang of the various parts of Glorantha.  Now the Griselda stories are full of Pavic Argot expressions like "I do not figure even a rubble runner can stomach him", and I enjoy the Olaf Dickin's-son is written as if he speaks with the intonation of a Scandinavian speaking with a Cockney accent.  Then there is the classic Stormbull line "Any chaos, all chaos."  We also know that Orlanthi like to swear "by Heller", or say someone is "as staunch as Heller".  So I put it to you, what other "Glorantha-isms" do you know?  Do you have favorite in-game-world expressions that have become part of the game world, or that you think should?  If so, please list a few of your favorites below.

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A fairly obvious one, but for profanity I have ducks substitute 'pluck' for 'fuck'. Given being plucked is one of the worst humiliations a duck can endure, it pretty much works as a direct substitution in most cases and is their favourite swear word. Get plucked, go pluck yourself, etc. 'Muddyplucker' is a name ducks use for their (communally unpaid) bar tab.

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On 12/2/2018 at 11:42 AM, Sir_Godspeed said:

The theists of Genertela HAVE to have some kind of term of abuse for the Malkioni, what with their monotheism and claims of invisibility and all. I can't come up with something catchy, though.

I have always been fond of "Happy Tappees" (a play on "Happy-Clappy" evangelists, but happy to get tapped). A few other suggestions include:

Malkiontents (general). As in "Go far enough West and it is full of whining Malkiontents "

The Ni Sayers (for the Rokari Horal Caste).  As in "Richard the Tiger-Farted and the rest of his Ni sayers".

Tappists (Any Zzaburi).  As in "I hear all the Tappists' defense spells wear off at dawn."

Bear Food (Fronelans)  As in "What will the Kingdom of War do with all that Bear Food anyhow?" 

Snake benders (Seshnelans) As in "When in Seshnela, be prepare to bend before the snakes"

Felster-Filth or Black Ass-hats (Ralians) "Go jump back in your damn Felster filth and give my regards to Black Ass-hat!"

Carmaniacs (guess) As in "Can you believe the Carmaniacs cut another deal with Sheng?"

Roly-polies (Arrolanit) As in "Muse Roost is full of Roly Polies sitting on the ugliest horses under the dome of the Sky."

Gallows Crows (Rokari) As in "It seems fitting that this 'Rookery' religion attracts so many Gallows Crows".

Fade-Outs (Brithini) As in "I'm sure I saw a Brithini in here a moment ago. Nope. It's like he faded out of existence."

Piggy Banks (Manirians) as in "I hear Harrek is off shaking his Piggy Banks again".

Undergrads, Bat-Shadows, Eyzaal Nuts (Lunar Sorcerers) As in "By all means, fear the Bat, but don't be afraid of a bunch of undergrads munching Eyzaal nuts in the Bat's Shadow!"

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On 12/6/2018 at 8:38 AM, womble said:

Not sure the Gloranthans really have the concept of the Teenager. But neither did the RW til the latter part of the 20th Century, so I imagine slang could arise without needing the construct.

Languages have always used slang.  Every subculture, especially craft subcultures, produce their own special use words and terminology.  Languages also borrow words and expressions from other languages.  The effect is word use that has a certain precondition of knowledge.  When humans use language to produce a humorous analogy, then contract the word for convenience, slang is born.  It has been going on forever, and is a major source of new words.

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Slang isn't limited to teens, as mentioned above. Professional jargon is a type of slang, like when carpenters refer to a jigsaw as a "rat's ass" (in Norwegian at least. :P ). The line between slang and just a dialect or local expression is a vague one, though. And once you start putting slang into poetry, it suddenly becomes kennings and metaphors.

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"Go chew your father's foreskin into a blanket with your one good tooth !"

-Popular Praxian insult reserved for moments of utter exasperation.

"Thistle" the Tribe, look after yourself !

Thistle - A term referring to assault, usually sexual, used by Natha.  Entekosiad p51.  Perhaps implying being stabbed with many tiny pricks?

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Broobiter: An especially dumb and/or fanatical Uroxi. Any Uroxi, really.

Kot's Balls: Hendreiki curse (canonical)

The Reds or the Redcloaks: Lunar Occupation Forces in Sartar. 

The Red Zone: The Lunar District of Boldhome

Trollpokers: Sun Dome Templars

Vinga's Prick: Sartarite curse.

Heler's Mouth: Sartarite curse

Go to Apple Lane: Have sex.

Chase the Wind: Run off the join the rebellion.

'Newts or 'Newty: Crazy. 

A trollkin's chance: Nearly impossible. No chance at all, really.

Off to the West: Dead



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