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Gary Gygax

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Even though my first RPG was Traveller, it was Gary that got me into role playing. It was hearing the tales spoken by my friends who played a strange game called Dungeons and Dragons that got me in the hobby store to fine Traveller in the first place.

And I played my share of D&D as well.

Thanks Gary


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Wow. That's a hell of a shock. So the Grand Old Egg of Coot is gone... ;-(

Gygax and Arneson really were the founding fathers of our hobby. I'd heard he'd been unwell but had no idea it was so serious. 69 seems somehow to be far too young to be moving on up to the next level...

I played a hell of a lot of D&D in my younger days, and have some real memories of the GDQ series - my first big campaign both as player then as DM.

God bless, Gary, and thanks for starting all this off, for providing so many happy memories and so much fun.


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Sadly GG has failed his last save and gone to the great beyond.

I've certainly mellowed where AD&D is concerned. I once thought it under-designed and unplayable. Then I saw the whole parade of games in the 80s and 90s based on all the bad parts of D&D! Today AD&D would be back in my top ten games I'd like to play again if I had the chance.

Thanks Gary for helping get the RPG ball rolling.

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So, the great DM failed his saving throw;-(. I hope that the DBRP book is dedicated to him, as the one of the founding fathers of roleplaying.
Fourth Edition should be dedicated to him. With agreat big picture of him and Arneson on the first page! (and the 2nd Edition rules being in the book)
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So basically they were used as "models" to show different shapes. And G Gygax went "hmmm if only they were numbered!"

I believe (from the Wired article somebody linked to earlier) that Gygax was using a system of picking sight unseen a single chit from a set numbered 1 to 20 before he was show the icosahedron in an education supply catalogue. So he already had the idea of a 1-20 random range (flat distribution etc.) but didn't have a die shape until he saw the icosahedron...

Nick Middleton

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