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Cult List

Eric Christian Berg

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Even better, IMHO, would be "All Gloranthan Books," letting folks from one game-system raid another system for a favorite (or just intriguing) but not-yet-developed-for-that-system dieties, cults, etc...


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Here is what I compiled for the MiG2, which is all pre-1997 stuff, so it is RuneQuest related. I haven't gotten around to doing HeroQuest material yet.

Cult List - Cults may be listed as gateway (G) or partial (P). Multiple listings are in rough order of completeness.

Cult                                        Source

  1. Aeolus (G) (P)                                                                 Griffin Island
  2. Agados (P)                                                         Drastic Darkness
  3. Aldrya                                                                               Cults of Prax
  4. Aldrya                                                                             Elder Secrets
  5. Aldrya                                                                   Gods of Glorantha
  6. Amanstan (P)                                                                    Troll Gods
  7. Amaterasu (G)                                                            Land of Ninja
  8. Amida (G)                                                                      Land of Ninja
  9. Ancestor Worship                                        Gods of Glorantha
  10. Annilla                                                                                    Troll Gods
  11. Apollo (G)                                                                                    DW #5
  12. Aranea                                                                                   Troll Gods
  13. Aranea                                                                                    TrollPak2
  14. Argan Argar                                                                          TrollPak2
  15. Argan Argar                                                                         Troll Gods
  16. Argan Argar                                                       Gods of Glorantha
  17. Arkat                                                                                        Troll Gods
  18. Armanstan (P)                                                             Cults of Prax
  19. Arran (P)                                                                    River of Cradles
  20. Arroin (P)                                                                          Cults of Prax
  21. Arroin (P)                                                                   River of Cradles
  22. Artmal (P)                                                                              Troll Gods
  23. Asrelia                                                                  Gods of Glorantha
  24. Asrelia (P)                                                                             Troll Gods
  25. Atyar                                                                               Shadows otB
  26. Bagog                                                                             Cults of Terror
  27. Bagog                                                                            Lords of Terror
  28. Bagog                                                                       White Wolf #22
  29. Bagog                                                                  Gods of Glorantha
  30. Bagog (P)                                                                   Drastic Chaos
  31. Balazar (P)                                                               Griffin Mountain
  32. Baldr (G) (P)                                                                               Vikings
  33. Basmol                                                                            Drastic Prax
  34. Basmoli Berserkers (P)                                                           GoG
  35. Belorkal (P)                                                         Drastic Darkness
  36. B’stard Gee’Em (G)                                            Pavic Tales #9
  37. Black Fang                                                                      RQ2 Rules
  38. Black Fang (P)                                                Gods of Glorantha
  39. Blackfinger (P)                                                 Gods of Glorantha
  40. The Black Sun                                                                 Troll Gods
  41. Blood Sun (P)                                                                    Troll Gods
  42. Bloody Tusk                                                              Elder Secrets
  43. Bloody Tusk                                                          Pavic Tales #3
  44. Bluegloom (P)                                                                Big Rubble
  45. Blue Star (G)                                           Thieves’ World Comp.
  46. Borists (P)                                                           Gods of Glorantha
  47. Borukug (P)                                                        Drastic Darkness
  48. Boztakang Chaos-fighter (P)                                    Troll Gods
  49. Brithini (P)                                                            Gods of Glorantha
  50. Brother Dog (P)                                                      Griffin Mountain
  51. Cacodemon                                                              Elder Secrets
  52. Cacodemon                                                          Griffin Mountain
  53. Cacodemon                                                                            DW #2
  54. Cacodemon (P)                                                       Lords of Terror
  55. Caladra & Aurelion                                                            WH #47
  56. Caladra & Aurelion                                                            Tales #7
  57. Caladra & Aurelion                                                            DW #15
  58. Chalana Arroy                                                             Cults of Prax
  59. Chalana Arroy                                                      River of Cradles
  60. Chalana Arroy                                                 Gods of Glorantha
  61. Charmilla Softspeak (P)                             Drastic Darkness
  62. City Gods                                                           Gods of Glorantha
  63. The Cleansed One (P)                                    River of Cradles
  64. Crolar                                                                      Drastic Darkness
  65. Crom Cruach                                                                        WD #48
  66. Cragspider (P)                                                                     TrollPak2
  67. Crimson Bat                                                                Cults of Terror
  68. Crimson Bat                                                                          Tales #8
  69. Cult of the River Horse                                             Borderlands
  70. Dainichi (G)                                                                   Land of Ninja
  71. Daka Fal                                                                         Cults of Prax
  72. Daka Fal                                                                  River of Cradles
  73. Daka Fal (P)                                                                        Troll Gods
  74. The Dancing Snake (P)                                                  RQA #5
  75. Danfive Xaron                                                                   Tales #16
  76. Danfive Xaron (P)                                                      Cults of Prax
  77. Danfive Xaron                                                       Pavic Tales #8
  78. Dark Eater                                                           Drastic Darkness
  79. Deezola (P)                                                                   Cults of Prax
  80. Dehore (P)                                                                            Troll Gods
  81. Dendara                                                              Gods of Glorantha
  82. Dianadhan (G)                                                                            FC #4
  83. The Dead Ones                                                               Tales #17
  84. Dilfar Deepsighted (P)                                      River of Cradles
  85. Diyzara (G)                                                                                    FC #4
  86. Dionysus (G)                                                                         DW #22
  87. Diros the Boatman (P)                                     River of Cradles
  88. Donandar                                                                White Wolf #18
  89. Donandar                                                    Read Pheasant T #2
  90. Donandar                                                           Gods of Glorantha
  91. Dorasta                                                                          Dorastor: LoD
  92. Dormal                                                                                   Tales #10
  93. Dormal the sailor                                            Gods of Glorantha
  94. Drogarsi (P)                                                             River of Cradles
  95. Durik Gol (P)                                                       Drastic Darkness
  96. Dwarf God (G) (P)                                                          Griffin Island
  97. Dyareela                                                             Gods of Glorantha
  98. Eiritha                                                                                Cults of Prax
  99. Eiritha                                                                                      Tales #14
  100. Eiritha                                                                    Gods of Glorantha
  101. Eiritha (P)                                                                  River of Cradles
  102. Eiritha (P)                                                                          Drastic Prax
  103. Elf Goddess (G) (P)                                                     Griffin Island
  104. Enuk Manamee (G)                                                         DW #17
  105. Erissa (P)                                                                 River of Cradles
  106. Erlin the Harper (G)                                                              DW #13
  107. Ernalda                                                                  RQ3 Rulebook 5
  108. Ernalda                                                                Gods of Glorantha
  109. Ernalda (P)                                                              River of Cradles
  110. Etyries                                                                              Cults of Prax
  111. Etyries                                                                  Gods of Glorantha
  112. Eurmal                                                                                 Questlines
  113. Eurmal (P)                                                               River of Cradles
  114. Feng Po (G) (P)                                                       City of lei Tabor
  115. Firshala (P)                                                               Griffin Mountain
  116. Firshala (P)                                                                       Griffin Island
  117. Flamal                                                                  Gods of Glorantha
  118. Flamal (P)                                                                       Cults of Prax
  119. Flamal (P)                                                                     Dorastor: LoD
  120. Flamal (P)                                                                             Troll Gods
  121. Flesh Man (P)                                                              Cults of Prax
  122. Flintnail                                                                                            Pavis
  123. Found Child                                                            Griffin Mountain
  124. Foundchild                                                                                DW #7
  125. The Founders (P)                                                       Cults of Prax
  126. Freeman (G)                                                                                 FC #4
  127. Freya (G)                                                                                     Vikings
  128. Freyr (G)                                                                                       Vikings
  129. Frigg (G)                                                                                       Vikings
  130. Frog Woman                                                                Borderlands
  131. Frog Woman (P)                                            Gods of Glorantha
  132. Fudo (G)                                                                          Land of Ninja
  133. Gadblad (P)                                                        Drastic Darkness
  134. Gadoz (P)                                                            Drastic Darkness
  135. Gagarth the Wild Hunter                                                 Tales #4
  136. Gagarth the Wild Hunter                                  Pavic Tales #6
  137. Galvosti (P)                                                        Gods of Glorantha
  138. Gark the Calm                                          Read Pheasant T #2
  139. Garm (G) (P)                                                                              Vikings
  140. Garzeen (P)                                                       Gods of Glorantha
  141. Gata (P)                                                                            Cults of Prax
  142. Genert                                                                     Miser’s Hoard #3
  143. Geo                                                                                             Tales #3
  144. Geo (P)                                                                                         DW #1
  145. Gerak Kag (P)                                                                     TrollPak2
  146. Gerak Kag (P)                                                                    Troll Gods
  147. Gestetner (G)                                                                             DW #6
  148. Ghundhar (G)                                                                               FC #4
  149. Gloomshark (P)                                                        Lords of Terror
  150. Glubaw Drowner (P)                                          River of Cradles
  151. Godunya                                                            Gods of Glorantha
  152. Golden Tongue (P)                                       Gods of Glorantha
  153. Good Shepherd (P)                                                  Cults of Prax
  154. Gorakiki                                                                                  TrollPak2
  155. Gorakiki                                                                                 Troll Gods
  156. Gore and Gash (P)                                                          Troll Gods
  157. Gorgorma                                                           Gods of Glorantha
  158. Grain Goddesses                                         Gods of Glorantha
  159. Grandfather Mortal (P)                                              Cults of Prax
  160. Grandmother Sky (G) (P)                                         Griffin Island
  161. Granite Phalanx (P)                                                        Tales #12
  162. The Grey Ones (P)                                                    Cults of Prax
  163. The Grey Ones (P)                                             River of Cradles
  164. The Green Man (P)                                                              Eldarad
  165. Hachiman (G)                                                             Land of Ninja
  166. Hachrat Blowhard (P)                                   Drastic Darkness
  167. Hearth Mother (P)                                                 Griffin Mountain
  168. Heimdall (G)                                                                             Vikings
  169. Hela (G) (P)                                                                                Vikings
  170. Heler (P)                                                                    River of Cradles
  171. Herald Goodword (P)                                        River of Cradles
  172. Herka Bonegnasher (P)                             Drastic Darkness
  173. Heqt (G)                                         Thieves’ World Companion
  174. Hilme (G) (P)                                                                    Griffin Island
  175. Himile                                                                                     Troll Gods
  176. Himile (P)                                                             Drastic Darkness
  177. Hobimarong                                                     Gods of Glorantha
  178. Hodr (G) (P)                                                                                Vikings
  179. Hombobobom (P)                                                          Troll Gods
  180. Hombobobom (P)                                         Drastic Darkness
  181. Horned Man                                                     Gods of Glorantha
  182. Hrestol                                                                                    Tales #13
  183. Hrestoli (P)                                                          Gods of Glorantha
  184. Hueymakt Deathdrake (P)                                            RQA #1
  185. Humakt                                                                           Cults of Prax
  186. Humakt                                                                                    Tales #5
  187. Humakt                                                               Gods of Glorantha
  188. Hungry Ghosts                                                                    Tales #9
  189. Hungry Jack                                                            Drastic Chaos
  190. Hungry Jack (P)                                                       Lords of Terror
  191. Hunter                                                                                      TrollPak2
  192. Hunter                                                                                   Questlines
  193. Hunter Gods                                                     Gods of Glorantha
  194. Huraya (P)                                                               River of Cradles
  195. Hykim & Mikyh                                                        Heroes v1#4
  196. Hykim & Mikyh                                             Gods of Glorantha
  197. Ikadz (P)                                                                        Lords of Terror
  198. Ils (G)                                                           Thieves’ World Comp.
  199. Inari (G)                                                                             Land of Ninja
  200. Indlas Somer (G)                                                                 DW #16
  201. Indrodar Greydog (P)                                                         Tales #5
  202. Invisible God                                                    Gods of Glorantha
  203. Irrippi Ontor (P)                                                               Cults of Prax
  204. Issaries                                                                            Cults of Prax
  205. Issaries                                                                     River of Cradles
  206. Issaries                                                                Gods of Glorantha
  207. Jakaboom (P)                                                                   Troll Gods
  208. Jakaboom (P)                                                  Drastic Darkness
  209. Jakaleel the Witch                                                         Tales #17
  210. Jakaleel the Witch (P)                                            Cults of Prax
  211. Jeset the Ferryman (P)                                                 Troll Gods
  212. Jizo (G)                                                                            Land of Ninja
  213. Kali (G)                                                                                       DW #11
  214. Karnaga (G)                                                                                  FC #5
  215. Karrg (P)                                                                                 Troll Gods
  216. Karrg (P)                                                                Drastic Darkness
  217. Kashtzar (G)                                                                                 FC #5
  218. Kavaar (G)                                                                                     FC #5
  219. Kernu                                                                                         WD #49
  220. Knerain                                                                         Adventurer #7
  221. Kogag                                                                   Drastic Darkness
  222. Kogag the Boatman (P)                                              Troll Gods
  223. Korasting (P)                                                                       Troll Gods
  224. Korbog (P)                                                                    Lords of Terror
  225. Korlum (P)                                                           Drastic Darkness
  226. Korob (G)                                                                                        FC #5
  227. Krarsht                                                                             Cults of Terror
  228. Krarsht                                                                            Lords of Terror
  229. Krarsht (P)                                                                   Drastic Chaos
  230. Krarsht                                                                  Gods of Glorantha
  231. Krjalk                                                                               Lords of Terror
  232. Krjalk (P)                                                                      Drastic Chaos
  233. Kropa (P)                                                                                TrollPak2
  234. Kropa (P)                                                                               Troll Gods
  235. Kwannon (G)                                                               Land of Ninja
  236. Kwaratch Kang (P)                                        Drastic Darkness
  237. Kyger Litor                                                                      Cults of Prax
  238. Kyger Litor                                                                             TrollPak2
  239. Kyger Litor                                                           Drastic Darkness
  240. Kyger Litor                                                                    Elder Secrets
  241. Kyger Litor                                                                            Troll Gods
  242. Kyger Litor                                                                              Trollpak3
  243. Kyger Litor                                                                RQ2 Rulebook
  244. Kyger Litor                                                          Gods of Glorantha
  245. Lamsabi (P)                                                      Gods of Glorantha
  246. Lanbril                                                                                              Pavis
  247. Lei Kung (G)                                                           City of Lei Tabor
  248. Lei Tsu (G) (P)                                                        City of Lei Tabor
  249. Lemure (P)                                                                   Lords of Terror
  250. Lhankor Mhy                                                               Cults of Prax
  251. Lhankor Mhy                                                        River of Cradles
  252. Lhankor Mhy                                                   Gods of Glorantha
  253. Litaka (P)                                                              Drastic Darkness
  254. Lodril                                                                           White Wolf #20
  255. Lodril                                                                      Gods of Glorantha
  256. Lodril (P)                                                                                 Troll Gods
  257. Lodril (P)                                                                            Drastic Prax
  258. Lokarma                                               New Lolon Gospel, vol. I
  259. Lokarnos                                                            Gods of Glorantha
  260. Loki (G) (P)                                                                                 Vikings
  261. Lumovoxoran (P)                                          Gods of Glorantha
  262. The Mad God (P)                                                     Lords of Terror
  263. Magasta                                                                               Tales #10
  264. Magasta                                                             Gods of Glorantha
  265. Magma (G)                                                          Dungeoneer #14
  266. Magra (P)                                                                      Lords of Terror
  267. Mahome (P)                                                                 Cults of Prax
  268. Mallia                                                                               Cults of Terror
  269. Malia                                                                               Lords of Terror
  270. Malia                                                                     Gods of Glorantha
  271. Malia (P)                                                               Drastic Darkness
  272. Maran Gor                                                                               Tales #6
  273. Maran Gor                                                          Gods of Glorantha
  274. Mastakos                                                          Gods of Glorantha
  275. Mastakos (P)                                                        River of Cradles
  276. Mee Vorala                                                                         Troll Gods
  277. Mimir (G) (P)                                                                              Vikings
  278. Minlister (P)                                                                          Tales #18
  279. Molakka (P)                                                       Drastic Darkness
  280. Moonrunner Peltasts                                                    Tales #17
  281. Moorgarki                                                                             Troll Gods
  282. Mostal                                                                            Elder Secrets
  283. Mostal                                                                                       DW #24
  284. Mostal                                                                       White Wolf #15
  285. Mostal                                                                  Gods of Glorantha
  286. Mostal (P)                                                                       Cults of Prax
  287. Mother Bey (G)                                     Thieves’ World Comp.
  288. Mother Mammal (P)                                              Dorastor: LoD
  289. Mowta (G) (P)                                                                                  DoD
  290. Murthdrya (P)                                                                   Big Rubble
  291. Nakala (P)                                                           Drastic Darkness
  292. Norag                                                                     Drastic Darkness
  293. Nik-El (G)                                                                            Questworld
  294. Njord (G)                                                                                      Vikings
  295. Nysalor                                                                           Cults of Terror
  296. Nysalor                                                                          Dorastor: LoD
  297. Oakfed                                                                       Pavic Tales #2
  298. Oakfed (P)                                                                      Cults of Prax
  299. Odayla                                                                                   Tales #18
  300. Odin (G)                                                                                       Vikings
  301. Odin (G)                                                                                     DW #26
  302. The Only Old One (P)                                                    Troll Gods
  303. The Only Old One (P)                                   Drastic Darkness
  304. Orlanth                                                                              Cults of Prax
  305. Orlanth                                                                       River of Cradles
  306. Orlanth                                                                             Heroes v1#4
  307. Orlanth                                                                        RQ2 Rulebook
  308. Orlanth                                                                  Gods of Glorantha
  309. Ossegar (G)                                                                                  FC #5
  310. Pamalt                                                                                   Tales #11
  311. Pamalt                                                                 Gods of Glorantha
  312. Panash (G)                                                                       Questworld
  313. Parang (G) (P)                                                                                 DoD
  314. Path of Immanent Mastery                                                   GoG
  315. Path of Infinite Mutations                                   Drastic Chaos
  316. Pavis                                                                                Cults of Prax
  317. Pavis                                                                                               Pavis
  318. Pavis (P)                                                                  River of Cradles
  319. Pocharngo                                                                  Lords of Terror
  320. Pocharngo (P)                                                         Drastic Chaos
  321. Pocharngo                                                        Gods of Glorantha
  322. Porta (G)                                                    Thieves’ World Comp.
  323. Primal Chaos                                                             Cults of Terror
  324. Primal Chaos                                                            Lords of Terror
  325. Primal Chaos                                                  Gods of Glorantha
  326. The Puppeteer Troop                                    Dungeoneer #14
  327. Quackodemon                                                                    RQA #5
  328. Quatanara                                                           Drastic Darkness
  329. Ragnaglar                                                                    Multiverse #5
  330. Ralaska                                                                 New Lolon, vol. II
  331. Ratar                                                                                    Dragon #51
  332. Red Goddess                                                 Gods of Glorantha
  333. Redeye                                                                             Griffin Island
  334. River Gods                                                        Gods of Glorantha
  335. The River Styx (P)                                                           Troll Gods
  336. Rokar                                                                                      Tales #13
  337. Rokari (P)                                                            Gods of Glorantha
  338. Rokotor (P)                                                          Drastic Darkness
  339. Ronance (P)                                                                 Cults of Prax
  340. Ruby Tree (P)                                                   Gods of Glorantha
  341. Sakyamuni (G)                                                          Land of Ninja
  342. Saliligor (P)                                                         Gods of Glorantha
  343. Savankala (G)                                      Thieves’ World Comp.
  344. Selarn (P)                                                            Gods of Glorantha
  345. Sensu (G) (P)                                                                                  DoD
  346. Seven Mothers (P)                                                   Cults of Prax
  347. Seven Mothers (P)                                       Gods of Glorantha
  348. Shang Ti (G) (P)                                                    City of Lei Tabor
  349. Shargash                                                                        Enclosure 1
  350. Shipri (G)                                       Thieves’ World Companion
  351. Sidana (P)                                                                    Lords of Terror
  352. Sif (G)                                                                                            Vikings
  353. Sisterhood of Jezzerissa                               Pavic Tales #1
  354. Sisters of Mercy (P)                                           River of Cradles
  355. Sky Crater (P)                                                   Gods of Glorantha
  356. Sky River Titan (P)                                         Drastic Darkness
  357. Sky River Titan (P)                                                          Troll Gods
  358. Slamfinger (G)                                                                 Questworld
  359. Snake Brother (P)                                                                 Eldarad
  360. Snake Eater (P)                                              Gods of Glorantha
  361. Sofals (P)                                                            Gods of Glorantha
  362. Spare Grain (P)                                                     River of Cradles
  363. The Spear (P)                                                     Dungeoneer #14
  364. Spirit Cult (Generic)                                                     Borderlands
  365. Stone Biter (P)                                                              Cults of Prax
  366. Stone Biter (P)                                                                    Troll Gods
  367. Storm Bull                                                                      Cults of Prax
  368. Storm Bull                                                               River of Cradles
  369. Storm Bull                                                          Gods of Glorantha
  370. Storm Bull (P)                                                                         RQA #3
  371. Storm Bull (P)                                                                     Troll Gods
  372. Storm Hunter                                                          Pavic Tales #8
  373. Stygian Heresy (P)                                       Gods of Glorantha
  374. Subere                                                                                   Troll Gods
  375. Subere                                                                 Gods of Glorantha
  376. Subere (P)                                                           Drastic Darkness
  377. Suitengu (G)                                                                 Land of Ninja
  378. Sun Dragon                                                            Pavic Tales #7
  379. Savankala (G)                                      Thieves’ World Comp.
  380. Swems (P)                                                                          Troll Gods
  381. Taeterisus                                                                  Drastic Chaos
  382. Taigaluk the Hunter (G)                                                    DW #28
  383. Teelo Norri (P)                                                               Cults of Prax
  384. Telmor                                                                            Dorastor: LoD
  385. Telmor                                                                             Heroes v1#4
  386. Than                                                                               Shadows otB
  387. Thanatar                                                                         Cults of Terror
  388. Thanatar                                                                       Shadows otB
  389. Thanatar (P)                                                               Drastic Chaos
  390. Thed                                                                                 Cults of Terror
  391. Thed                                                                                Lords of Terror
  392. Thed                                                                      Gods of Glorantha
  393. Thief Gods                                                         Gods of Glorantha
  394. Thor (G)                                                                                        Vikings
  395. Three Bean Circus (P)                                            Cults of Prax
  396. Three Feathered Rivals (G)                                              DW #3
  397. 3 Thieves Br’hood (G)                                      City of Lei Tabor
  398. Tien (P)                                                                          Shadows otB
  399. The Tiger (G)                                                                              DW #9
  400. Tobros (P)                                                                     Dorastor: LoD
  401. Togtuvei (P)                                                                    Sun County
  402. Tokaz Voraz (P)                                                                      WF #7
  403. Torab (P)                                                               Drastic Darkness
  404. The Torch (P)                                                     Drastic Darkness
  405. Tree Biter (P)                                                                        Troll Gods
  406. Tree Chopper (P)                                                               TrollPak2
  407. Tree Chopper (P)                                                        Cults of Prax
  408. Trickster                                                               Gods of Glorantha
  409. Trickster                                                                               Questlines
  410. Trickster (P)                                                                     Questlines II
  411. Triolina                                                                  Gods of Glorantha
  412. Tskanth                                                               Gods of Glorantha
  413. Tskanth                                                                                 Tales #17
  414. 2,000 Maniacs (P)                                                          Troll Gods
  415. Ty Kora Tek                                                      Gods of Glorantha
  416. Tyr (G)                                                                                           Vikings
  417. Tyram (P)                                                                      Lords of Terror
  418. Uleria                                                                                          DW #38
  419. Uleria                                                                       Dungeoneer #14
  420. Uleria                                                                     Gods of Glorantha
  421. Ulforg                                                                                          Tales #8
  422. Ullr (G)                                                                                           Vikings
  423. Urain                                                                              Drastic Chaos
  424. Urain (P)                                                                         Lords of Terror
  425. Urox (P)                                                                          Dorastor: LoD
  426. Vakalta (P)                                                                   Lords of Terror
  427. Valind                                                                   Gods of Glorantha
  428. Valind (P)                                                                 River of Cradles
  429. Valind (P)                                                                              Troll Gods
  430. Valind (P)                                                             Drastic Darkness
  431. Vaneekara (P)                                                                   Troll Gods
  432. Vashanka (G)                                       Thieves’ World Comp.
  433. Vivamort                                                                        Cults of Terror
  434. Vivamort (P)                                                                Lords of Terror
  435. Voamanibub                                                         Pavic Tales #8
  436. Voria                                                                      Gods of Glorantha
  437. Votank (G) (P)                                                                 Griffin Island
  438. Votanki (P)                                                               Griffin Mountain
  439. Vrang 2jhomang (G)                                                   Questworld
  440. Vrimak (P)                                                                      Cults of Prax
  441. Vrimak (P)                                                                       Sun County
  442. Wachaza                                                          Gods of Glorantha
  443. Waha                                                                               Cults of Prax
  444. Waha                                                                                     Tales #15
  445. Waha (P)                                                                 River of Cradles
  446. Waha (P)                                                                         Drastic Prax
  447. Waha the Butcher                                        Gods of Glorantha
  448. Weda Krishtawn (G)                                                               Thieves’ World Comp.
  449. Wolfbear (P)                                                                Dorastor: LoD
  450. Wolfrunners (P)                                               Gods of Glorantha
  451. Xentha                                                                                   Troll Gods
  452. Xentha (P)                                                           Drastic Darkness
  453. Xiola Umbar                                                                        TrollPak2
  454. Xiola Umbar                                                                       Troll Gods
  455. Xiola Umbar                                                     Gods of Glorantha
  456. Xiola Umbar (P)                                               Drastic Darkness
  457. Xixitic P)                                                               Drastic Darkness
  458. Xolhor (P)                                                             Drastic Darkness
  459. Yakusi (G)                                                                     Land of Ninja
  460. Yanafal Tarnils                                                                  Tales #17
  461. Yanafal Tarnils (P)                                                     Cults of Prax
  462. Yara Aranis (P)                                                            Cults of Prax
  463. Ya Shih (G) (P)                                                      City of Lei Tabor
  464. Yelm                                                                                  Sun County
  465. Yelm                                                                          White Wolf #16
  466. Yelm                                                                     Gods of Glorantha
  467. Yelm (P)                                                                          Cults of Prax
  468. Yelmalio                                                                         Cults of Prax
  469. Yelmalio                                                                          Sun County
  470. Yelmalio                                                             Gods of Glorantha
  471. Yelorna the Starbringer                                              Big Rubble
  472. Yelorna the Sun Daughter                                    Drastic Prax
  473. Yelorna (P)                                                                      Sun County
  474. Yinkin                                                                                     Tales #18
  475. Yinkin                                                                                Enclosure 2
  476. Yinkin (P)                                                                 River of Cradles
  477. Young Elementals (P)                                           Cults of Prax
  478. Zelan the Beast                                                                      DW #8
  479. Zola Fel                                                                                           Pavis
  480. Zola Fel                                                                     River of Cradles
  481. Zong the Hunter                                                                Troll Gods
  482. Zorak Zoran                                                                   Cults of Prax
  483. Zorak Zoran                                                                          TrollPak2
  484. Zorak Zoran                                                                         Troll Gods
  485. Zorak Zoran                                                       Gods of Glorantha
  486. Zorak Zoran (P)                                                 Drastic Darkness
  487. Zotulla (P)                                                                 River of Cradles
  488. Zugorteg (P)                                                        Drastic Darkness
  489. Zutchko (G) (P)                                                               Griffin Island


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Hope that Helps,
Rick Meints - Chaosium, Inc.

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For Heroquest 2 this is the list I came up with...

Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes

  • The Cult of Orlanth
  • The Cult of Ernalda
  • The Cult of Chalana Arroy
  • The Cult of Elmal
  • The Cult of Issaries
  • The Cult of Lhankor Mhy
  • The Cult of Humakt
  • The Cult of Urox the Storm Bull
  • The Cult of Yinkin

Sartar Companion

  • The Cult of Argan Argar
  • The Cult of Babeester Gor
  • The Cult of Eurmal
  • The Cult of Heler
  • The Cult of Kolat
    • Includes this Spirit Tradition
      • The Kolat Tradition 
    • Includes these Spirit Societies
      • Seven Winds
      • Chalk Man
      • Oakfed
      • Night Listener
      • Serkos
      • Granny Vo and Uncle
  • The Cult of Odayla

Pavis: Gateway to Adventure

  • The Cult of Pavis
  • The Cult of Flintnail
  • The Cult of Lanbril
  • The Cult of Yelmalio
  • The Cult of Zola Fel
  • The Cult of Seven Mothers
    • Includes this Spirit Tradition
      • The Lunar Tradition

HeroQuest Glorantha

  • Includes these Spirit Traditions (but only briefly)
    • Praxian Tradition
    • Hsunchen Tradition
    • Golden Bow Tradition
    • Kolating Tradition
  • The Cult of Ernalda
  • The Cult of Orlanth
  • The Cult of Issaries
  • The Cult of Humakt
  • Waha
    • Waha Spirit Societies + plus some extra spirits
  • The Cult of Lhankor Mhy
  • The Cult of The Seven Mothers


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I find it odd that Arachne Solara, the most powerful Goddess of this age, a Goddess worshipped by the Beast Folk of Dragon Pass.  One who is influential in the Lunar empire and elsewhere.  The Ruler of this entire Age of Glorantha,   Not a word.  Not a peep in anything that's ever been published.  Nuttin.  Nada.  Zilch.

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2 hours ago, Roko Joko said:

"her spells are beyond mortal ken, and she does not respond to prayers and appeals."  http://www.glorantha.com/docs/arachne-solara/.  That's typical for great mystical entities.

yeah, I know, but I made up some pretty good ones for my campaign, such as Twist Fate and shapechange into spider.  And of course, a FateCatcher Net which select worshippers can build.  But it's all in house stuff.  I wish they'd actually make a cult write up.

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On 24/08/2016 at 8:59 PM, Pentallion said:

I find it odd that Arachne Solara, the most powerful Goddess of this age, a Goddess worshipped by the Beast Folk of Dragon Pass.  One who is influential in the Lunar empire and elsewhere.  The Ruler of this entire Age of Glorantha,   Not a word.  Not a peep in anything that's ever been published.  Nuttin.  Nada.  Zilch.

Try looking at the Servants of the Wild in Masters of Luck and Death (pages 62-63) I think you will discover that these folk use the Wild Temple as part of their worship of "The White Spider" who is of course a manifestation of Arachne Solara

Edited by Martin
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On 25 August 2016 at 0:22 AM, Roko Joko said:

"her spells are beyond mortal ken, and she does not respond to prayers and appeals."  http://www.glorantha.com/docs/arachne-solara/.  That's typical for great mystical entities.

I think this is an important concept with Glorantha. Just because an entity exists doesn't mean it has to return magic and has a cult. Sure you can direct worship towards it as a cohesive group, but you don't have to get anything in return. A number of these beings exist: Earthmaker and the Horned Man are two. You don't get anything back unless you make personal contact. I think if you can transcend the otherworlds of Glorantha you might be able to meet these beings, but just getting their attention is going to be difficult,

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Search the Glorantha Resource Site: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com. Search the Glorantha mailing list archives: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/

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  • 2 years later...
4 minutes ago, David Scott said:

69. Cult of the River Horse      Borderlands

LOL, didn't see that, but I'm glad I was wrong.  I never expected to see "The Cult of" as a prefix in a list of cults, but it is correct, as entered in Borderlands.

Edited by Darius West
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My Hero Wars Cult Conversion List contains references to where the cults appeared. I don't know how complete it is, but I thought I had stripped everything from the sources listed.

The sources were:

  • Barbarian Adventures:Sartar Rising
  • HeroWars Roleplaying in Glorantha Rulebook
  • Imperial Lunar Handbook 1 - The Lunar Empire
  • Legacy of Pavis
  • Tales of the Reaching Moon
  • Thunder Rebels
  • Storm Tribe - The Cults of Sartar
  • In Wintertop's Shadow
  • Imperial Lunar Handbook 2
  • Blood Over Gold
  • Men of the Sea
  • Champions of the Reaching Moon
  • Orlanth is Dead
  • Barbarian Adventures
  • Sons of Kargzant
  • Gathering Thunder
  • Masters of Luck and Death
  • Thieves' Arm
  • Wintertop Fair
  • Tarsh in Flames

Moon Rites

Simon Phipp - Caldmore Chameleon - Wallowing in my elitism since 1982. Many Systems, One Family. Just a fanboy. 


Jonstown Compendium author. Find my contributions here

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1 hour ago, Rick Meints said:

Here's my main "slows me down" problem. How much "detail" does there have to be for a cult/spirit society to be worthy of inclusion on the list?

Good point. We only got "longform" cult writeups in the RQ2 days. Depending on where someone draws the line, they could easily exclude most of all of the RQ3 cult writeups, ditto the  HQ ones.

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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On 11/11/2018 at 10:40 PM, Rick Meints said:

Here's my main "slows me down" problem. How much "detail" does there have to be for a cult/spirit society to be worthy of inclusion on the list?

The fundamental problem though is that true exhaustiveness is an impossible -- for no matter how confusingly Hero Wars/HeroQuest 1 went into the detail of subcults, that detail was itself pretty incomplete, and furthermore, even those books did not detail every minor Orlanthi/Sartarite cult that there is. And the other pantheons & religions have been officially described with far less detail.

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On 8/25/2016 at 3:07 AM, Pentallion said:

yeah, I know, but I made up some pretty good ones for my campaign, such as Twist Fate and shapechange into spider.  And of course, a FateCatcher Net which select worshippers can build.  But it's all in house stuff.  I wish they'd actually make a cult write up.

How can you expect Time to respond to worshippers?

Worshipping time will get you nothing but old. ;)

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