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BRP Rome nominated at Ennie Awards

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I have the pleasure to announce that BRP Rome: Life and Death of the Republic has been nominated at the Ennie Awards in two categories: Best setting and Product of the year.

I really hope that BRP Rome will win an award, it would deserve it. :)

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Congrats... that is outstanding! You must be very proud...I am very happy for you!

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Hey all, I'm Jeramy Ware - one of the judges who nominated Rome for the awards. Just to make sure everyone is aware, once the judges nominate a product it is up to the fans to vote for the products that actually win.

You can vote for Rome (and a ton of other great products here). Rate your favorites, 1 being the the product you like best, down to 5 if you choose you don't have to go any farther than '1' or vote in every category if you don't want to, but I encourage it). If you're up for it you can also vote on next year's judges when your product votes are complete.

Thanks for your time, and I'm glad everyone liked it as much as I did.

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Really chuffed for you guys. I knew it was a quality product when I first saw it, and now you have the award to go with it. Shame Pathfinder seems to be so popular, but well done!

A shame I missed the window for the facebook / skype celebrations.

Likes to sneak around


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A shame I missed the window for the facebook / skype celebrations.

Heck I missed it too! I was so caught up writing, I completely missed the fact that we'd won something! Oh well, I hope somebody said something nice at the awards ceremony for us.

I'd just like to thank everyone who voted for Rome, but I'd especially like to thank the judge who nominated it in the first place. Thank You!

I can now retire gracefully, knowing I have done my bit for BRP and d% gaming... Err, why is somebody sticking a gladius into my back and forcing me back to my keyboard... um, help?

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