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Merry Christmas to all!


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Just following Rust and Leonmallett's leads on the monograph PDF thread... ;)

Merry Christmas to everyone at Basic Roleplaying Central, and a Happy and BRP-filled New Year 2009!

Oh - and a brisk three cheers for Sverre for all the hard work running and managing these boards this past year. Cheers Sverre! :thumb:



"The Worm Within" - the first novel for The Chronicles of Future Earth, coming 2013 from Chaosium, Inc.

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Thanks Sarah, Merry Christmas to you as well.

Merry Christmas to everyone here on the forums, hopefully real life will slow down and I can get to be a little more social, as well as get back to my own project. :)


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"D100 - Exactly 5 times better than D20"

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Since we're doing non-English phrases, "Murry Crimmis, y'all!" is how we say it here in Texas.

So that, plus a Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, or Festive Winter Solstice Holiday Of Your choice to each of you fine BRP-loving folk.

Oh, and Happy New Year, too!



Geek blogging at http://strangestones.com

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Merry Christmas from Down Under everyone :thumb:

Its actually Boxing Day today. Eat waaaaayyyyy too much yesterday but that's Christmas for you :) Mercifully it's been a wet summer for us over here so at least I wasn't called away to fires and could actually spend Christmas Day with my wife and daughter.

Hope you all have a great day and a Happy New Beer ;)

Thanks for all the hard work everyone has done into making this a fantastic web site and great community of BRP die-hards. I really appreciate all the input you guy's have given into the ME-BRP and City of Heroes stuff I have been doing. The players in my rpg group have certainly reaped the benefits of all your advice.

Here's to a great BRP 2009 (rolls a critical success :thumb: )

Merry Christmas, :innocent:


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For those who enjoy and imbibe tonight in anticipation of a hangover tomorrow...make sure you have a designated driver!

Slainte' :party:

Present home-port: home-brew BRP/OQ SRD variant; past ports-of-call: SB '81, RQIII '84, BGB '08, RQIV(Mythras) '12,  MW '15, and OQ '17

BGB BRP: 0 edition: 20/420; .pdf edition: 06/11/08; 1st edition: 06/13/08

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