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Draconic Orlanth


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The form rune stuff isn't based on biology, it's something to do with human spirits iirc.

In any case, technically speaking all humans do have a bit of every form rune, and every rune in general (grandfather mortal was made from a little bit of everything, after all). It's just that the forms that aren't beast or man aren't strong enough to manifest in any significant way.

I imagine if someone did gain another form rune, in runequest terms, it'd join beast and man to make a trifecta to split 100% between rather than it being a separate score. Except Chaos. Chaos breaks the rules.

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On 1/18/2023 at 7:14 PM, Erol of Backford said:

Godunya’s guards are not dragonewts, but are mortal men whose devotion and dedication allows them to assume the form of dragons. So they have only the man rune but could have the dragon rune when they assume dragon form.

They could also use the Illusion Rune from Thalurzni Mikaday (borrowing from Zhaungzi's parable of the Butterfly Dream).  They use a rune spell (like Argan Argar's Become Other) to spend time as a Dragonewt or a Human (if a 'newt) and use the resulting transformation to acquire mystical awareness and achieve illumination.  

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