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Third Hand Illumination Town


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3 minutes ago, Akhôrahil said:

Third-hand illumination has been proven to have serious mental health risks.

Fixed it for ya!


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Smiley'd, in case joke wasn't evident.
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C'es ne pas un .sig

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I could see the point in Third Eye Illumination, but Third Hand Illumination sounds very much like gaining the chaotic feature of a third hand. Like those Lunar assassins (mortal minions) in Sandy Petersen's Gods War game.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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From my own thoughts at:


I think the Undragon Land is where the Red Emperor made the Emperor's Reply dispelling the Dragonewt Dream.  As a result, the Dmeon Orxili is present in this place.  It would be done on some place with strong association with the EWF such as the site of the Golden Dragon Temple in Raibanth perhaps.

Madness College is an asylum associated with the Lunar University where the Dangerous Illuminates are kept confined.  I think it lies within Glamour.

The Broo Regiment Headquarters would be a former holy site to Uryarda, the Goat Goddess, perhaps the remains of Zulox (Done to punish Imther for Jannisor perhaps?)

The Dislocated Zoo is a confinement ground for all the people, creatures and plants that have been devoured by Chaos and brought back by Lunar magic.  All of them are extremely chaotic and very dangerous.  I'm thinking it was done by Artifex to bring back his supporters from the Nights of Horrors and so would lie somewhere within the Oraya Satrapy.

The Third Hand Illumination Town may be some demented plan to reconcile Lunar Wisdom with Kralori Mysticism.  It may be associated with the demon that Tatius sent against Agrath Whitebull's army (it had two arms and an extra one).  The cultists are all bashit chaotics, which means the plan was an unqualified success in Lunar terms.  I again place it in Oraya (because the Kralori and Ignorants are there).

I find the plural of the Mad Sultanates to be interesting.  That implies more than one Mad Sultan.  Apart from the one in Dorastor and maybe several in Tork, I think there should be a third Mad Sultanate elsewhere.  I'm thinking eastwards of Tork in somewhere around the Elf Sea.

Lastly the Beyond Nightmares are probably the remains of Parg Ilisi's demented tyranny in Twice Blessed.  Parg Ilisi is still there at its center


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