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2 hours ago, Rick Meints said:

Reprinting any version of Gloranthan Classic Volume 1: Pavis & Big Rubble is not currently on the production schedule. As I have consistently said a number of times, we do NOT have good electronic files to use for printing this book. 

Rick, sorry about that.  New to the forum and misread post one that I mistakenly saw what I thought was end of 2016.  It is too bad there are not translation programs to update the files.  I actually got a softcopy off of an ebay auction, but I would give $300 for a hardcover with the paper slipcover or some combination of $ and the softcover trade.  It's my one missing item.  I understand that the copies are depleted and the PDF is unfortunately requiring that redo to print. 

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Just wanted to jump into discussions from months ago and say:

I agree that adding stat blocks for RQ to HQ adventures is not generally going to be a great or rewarding activity, and dual statted books are often not a great idea. The two games have a quite different focus, and some adventures are really just not going to work when translated too directly from on system to another. And even more so for 13th Age. 

BUT I can very much see people wanting long form cult write ups for the various cults done for HQG so far to be translated to RuneQuest. And I very much favour close translations myself. And eventually, backwards - any cult written up for RQ should swiftly be adapted for HQG use as well (though thats a lot easier). And cults that are well known and loved in their RQ2/3 formats should be available for new RQ as quickly as we can manage them. 

 I can see people wanting stats for all the monsters in any system done for the others (yeah nangrels are going to make it into my RuneQuest and HeroQuest games). 

And I am happy to volunteer to do this work myself, either as fan effort or in collaboration with Chaosium, depending on the wishes of Chaosium. I would rather see the limited creative resources of Chaosium be focussed on new stuff, than the (mostly grunt work) of translating eg Cults of Terror cult writeups for the new game. 

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Such a good idea. These translations could be hosted on Chaosium's website. Then all supplements and campaigns, whatever the system, would be available gaming material for all Glorantha fans, whatever rule system they favour.

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5 hours ago, Rob Helm said:

How does Red Cow compare to the Colymar campaign in _Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes_?

Red Cow provides a level of detail of the clan and its people that you won't find for the Orlmarth/Colymar in SKoH.

E.g. You have all the main figures for the Red Cow, plus the bloodlines, plus Queen Ivartha and her household.  You also have the Dolutha clan of the Cinsina, the Emerald Sword clan of the Dinacoli, the Two-Pine clan of the Culbrea, and of course the Telmori (i.e. you have details of all the main clan enemies).

With SKoH you have a sketch of the Orlmarth clan ring.  But nothing on the bloodlines, key NPC's, clan enemies, etc.  Now, with some online hunting you can track down a lot of the bloodline background (which came from Jeff's house campaign) - I did this and have a fairly fleshed out bloodline for my Orlmarth campaign.

We don't yet have the Eleven Lights book/scenarios that go with the Red Cow, but the campaign in SKoH is centered around a series of three heroic quests.  Given the Coming Storm background for the Red Cow, that campaign will likely center more on what happens to the clan, less on big quests, but Ian can say more.

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5 hours ago, Rob Helm said:

How does Red Cow compare to the Colymar campaign in _Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes_? Is there a reason to run one versus the other for a particular group?

The Red Cow campaign is designed to fulfill a number of goals:

  • Provide a sandbox setting for running a typical clan-based game, akin to the one that Greg Stafford ran for his own group.
  • Allow a narrator to run a typical Sartarite game with zero-prep other than reading the book

To that end the book includes (as Harald points out):

  • The clan description, including key leadership NPCs, a description of Red Cow Fort, gazetteer of the clan lands, history etc. and everything else you need to 'start running'.
  • Information on neighboring clans (one a rival, two enemies), and the Cinsina tribe itself, again with key NPCs and a description of Dangerford
  • Descriptions of the Woods of the Dead, where Brangbane King of the Ghouls hangs out, and the Telmori, a tribe of werewolves.

By contrast, the Colymar Campaign is lighter touch in describing the Orlmarth clan, which allows for greater GM creativity, if they have the time.

The Colymar Campaign contains an epic campaign focused on completing tasks for the earth priestess. As well as Orlmarth lands it takes you to sites of adventure across Sartar.

The Eleven Lights contains a chronicle/saga campaign in Cinsina Lands. it includes template adventure descriptions for common Sartarite activities as well as a complete description of events in each year between 1618 and 1625 with adventures set in those years. It ranges from feuds with the neighbors, through surviving the Crimson Bat and the Great Winter.

Both campaigns include an epic heroquest (although the Red Cow includes a second that gives the clan its name).

As to which to run for a particular group. If you and your players like to wander around the sandbox with the the odd published adventure to drive engagement with the setting, or as a 'Saturday Night Special' choose The Coming Storm + the Eleven Lights. If you want epic adventure, following a set of missions, choose The Colymar Campaign.

For, the least work. Both can be used to play the other.

Alternatively get both, and have the opening events of The Colymar Campaign happen when your Red Cow players are visiting the Orlmarth as emissaries.


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