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Notes on the Many Suns and the Sun Gods of Prax

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24 minutes ago, M Helsdon said:

I'm doubtless a heretic, but have suspected for some time that the Yelmalio cult, and the way it fights, isn't as monolithic as might be supposed.

The Sairdite/Prax/Sartar temples may specialize in fighting as phalangites (though their auxiliaries who defend the flanks of the phalanx doubtless differ) but further afield things are not exactly the same. I have a suspicion that, for example, Serene Victory in Jarst tends more to horse archers (the Pentans being neighbors and both revering the Yellow City) whilst North Dona may also employ Western-style cataphracts in league with their phalanx...

For now, the setting just needs Peloria, Dragon Pass, the Holy Country and Prax to be addressed, but it's a large world out there.

The unit description of the Praxian Sun Dome does mention their forces using archers and places units of them on the same importance as their phalangites.

It's likely that bows are far more common among Yelmalians than the tokens and such portrayed.

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4 hours ago, Joerg said:

Greg did a number of categorical statements which have since been softened up, like the "three strictly separate worlds until your activities in the Hero Wars change that" dogma which we have left behind us (without too much mourning for this dogma, I believe).

Yes, I do think that Elmal represents the Sun for the Heortlings - the ripening sun disk of the day, and the heroic survivor and night guardian at night.

This gives ample ground to claim truthfully that Elmal is the same god as Yelmalio, and that Elmal is the same sun as Yelm, and that Elmal and Yelmalio are Lightfore, as are Kargzant and Antirius and various others.


I think we are at the risk of just restating positions here. I don't have anything much to add outside what I have already offered. YGWV and all that.

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Yet another way to try to explain the many local sun gods referring to the same celestial body. And once more not an attempt at finding the truth/solution but just an idea to develop cultures, cults and philosophies in Glorantha:

the ancient Greek optical science hesitated between two explanation for sight. Was the image we see it the result of something entering the eye for the exterior or was there something sent from the eye to "touch/probe" the exterior reality (in which case sight would be a little bit like touch, or even a sonar)?

Some people in Glorantha could have accepted this last idea and consider that there is indeed only one sun but every man (and, collectively, culture) sees something different in the sky, explaining the various sun gods and their adaptation to local realities. In a way the real sun god would be a mirror-like being and this would be its Great Mystery. Maybe it would be "defined" by these people as linked to  Fire and Harmony runes?

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Anybody talked about Pamaltela ?

1- Kendamalar is the Sun God of the Ancient Gods period, one of the Esiti. During the Demon Period, "five powerful and evil shamans get together to concoct an evil plan. They captured Kendamalar, the Pure One, and killed him and made a drink of his blood." (Revealed Mythologies (RM) p51)

2- In the Now Period, there is a New Sun, Varama. RM says p53 : "Varama (i.e.- “Yelm”), it is still the essence of Kendamalar", and p66 : "Varama. Sun Spirit of the Now Period. After the Demon Period, Pamalt called Noruma to rekindle the ancient fires. Kendamalar was reborn, and was called Varama."

3- But... it would be too easy. 🙂 RM adds (p53) : "The Doraddi say that the current Sun fell because of pride, for he thought that he could live without the help of everyone else in the world. He lost his powers, and is now a slave (...) The Doraddi can always depend on him, because he has no choice. During the Artmali Period [i.e. before Kendamalar was killed during the Demon Period], Varama-by-another-name acted out that pride and fell. He was likely held prisoner by Vovisibor. Note that the five evil shamans were only able to kill a God due to his own wrong actions, which weakened him and made him vulnerable to their powers." Hmm... Who was killed by the five shamans ? Kendamalar (see point 1) or "Varama-by-another-name" who is not Kendamalar since, as says a footnote p53, "Despite the obvious assumptions, [Varama-by-another-name] is not Kendamalar, but a different, lesser sun god who inherited his role after his murder."

Many Suns in Pamaltela, too.

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