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And the new name for RQ6 is...

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Mythras is the new name for RuneQuest 6th Edition, the acclaimed roleplaying system developed by The Design Mechanism.

From July 2016, the name Mythras takes over from the previous trademark, but the same great rules continue, bringing you d100-based roleplaying adventure centred on logical, consistent, straightforward mechanics, coupled with innovative approaches to character creation, combat, magic and monsters. The name may have changed, but the song remains the same.

Why did we choose Mythras as a name?First of all, the game has always been about adventuring in mythic landscapes, with characters shaping their own stories, creating their legends and forging their own myths. It comes from the authors’ deep love of real world myths and ancient stories and so is the natural starting point for a new name.

Next comes Mithra or Mithras, a deity found in Persian, Greek, Roman, and Celtic mythologies. Mithras is a god of warriors, a divine protector of oaths and covenants, a protector of cattle and of waters. In the Zoroastrian Avestas, he is described as Mithra of Wide Pastures, of the Thousand Ears, and of the Myriad Eyes.

Bringing these two sources together gives us Mythras, a game concerned with myths, protectors, oaths, great deeds and wonderful stories: the perfect name for our game system.

mythras Cinzel b&w lo res small.jpg

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The 'brand' you have (now that, officially, Glorantha has gone elsewhere) left are prefixed with Mythic

Prefix the game system likewise (and with a pun of just the right level of obviousness that we the audience can feel smug at getting it)


Good job

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..and we non native speakers will sometimes be wondering what is the right way to spell it. It is a cool name though, most likely ends up being spelled exactly as it is written :-)

Not that RuneQuest in Finland was ever a good one, it is close in spelling to slang term that does not have the best associations. 



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I think that if you name your next born RuneQuest you will both earn my everlasting admiration for your dedication to our game (would be over the top I think) and child would be in very awkward situations in Finland as long as long as introductions are vocal... 

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13 hours ago, lawrence.whitaker said:

We commissioned an extensive and thorough trademark and usage search by specialist IP and trademark lawyers, so yes.

More to the point, I hope they can assist with optimising Google PageRanking for Mythras.

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